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  • Hobgoblin Halloween Special

    Hobgoblin Halloween Special

    I’m a massive fan of Wychwood brewery. Hobgoblin Ruby is an absolute staple beer that everyone should love. Their newer Hobgoblin IPA is absolutely fantastic! A great big wallop of juicy citrus married with just the right amount of dry hops. Hobgoblin Gold is a great session beer and I’ve enjoyed a few party kegs…

  • Hobgoblin IPA

    Hobgoblin IPA

    9/10 You can’t go wrong with wychwood brewery. All their beers are brilliant and I love the individual artwork for all of their beers. Hobgoblin IPA is a fantastic pint! Nice and hoppy with a citrus kick. There’s a slight hint of orange and grapefruit. Refreshing bitterness at the end. 5.3%

  • Ripsaw


    7/10 Lovely red ale from Wychwood. Quite malty and it says there is a maple syrup twist but (luckily?) I couldn’t taste it. Rich red colours, soft fluffy head. Nice pint. 4.2%

  • Black Wych

    Black Wych

    6/10 A dark and bitter porter. Has a slight sweeter after taste. It is dark, but silky smooth.  A dark mysterious spellbinding porter 5%

  • Fire Catcher

    Fire Catcher

    7/10 Bit unusual from Wychwood this. But in a good way! Very tasty beer that has hints of honey and fruits (but not overpoweringly) Would recommend! Especially to golden or pale ale fans who fancy a change. 

  • Fire catcher

    Fire catcher

    7/10 A golden beer from Wychwood. A light, refreshing ale. Perfect after a long drive.  There is a slight honey & citrus undertone to the beer. But it’s decent, it’s not a sweet/sickly honey beer like some of the others I’ve tried.  Wychwood can’t go wrong in my eyes.  3.5%

  • Bah Humbug

    Bah Humbug

    8/10 Well it’s December, so let’s roll out the Christmas themed beers! This is another cracker from the master brewers at the Wychwood Brewery. I expected a mean, thick, dark beer to match the branding but was very pleasantly surprised.  It’s a warm brown coloured beer that tastes lovely. If a beer could taste like…

  • King Goblin

    King Goblin

    9/10 What could be better than a Special Reserve from Wychwood brewery?!  Only Brewer on a full moon What a fantastic beer. Lovely warm colour, full flavour. So smooth! Like velvet on your tongue.  “Rich, smooth and sublimely satisfyingly taste of pure beer indulgence.” 6.6%

  • Dunkel Fester

    Dunkel Fester

    6/10 A special beer just for Halloween. This is a dark, malty, almost stout like beer. But it’s not as thick or bitter as a stout and has a kind if fruity note to it. Pretty decent pint and as always with Wychwood, a great label! a disturbingly dark beer 4.4%

  • Hobgoblin Gold

    Hobgoblin Gold

    8/10 Absolutely fantastic beer! Unlike standard Hobgoblin that’s a ruby beer, this is a golden ale. It has a bit of wheat in the brew to give it a little haze which reminded me of a few Belgium white beers. It works well from a bottle or a mini/party keg. Very tasty and perfect for…