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  • Kaleidoscope (Wiper and True)

    Kaleidoscope (Wiper and True)

    9/10 Boom! Yessss this is a great beer! In fact, anything I’ve tried from this brewery from Bristol is top knotch. Always punchy, hoppy, hazy. This beer will change slightly throughout the seasons but the Wiper And True brewery promise to deliver a pale ale that’s “harmonious, bright and refreshing”. I enjoyed my Kaleidoscope after…

  • Quintet


    9/10 Absolutely love this! A deep and hazy red/orange beer with a fluffy, soft white head. Piney, citrus smell to it. First taste is hoppy with loads of citrus, then comes the tropical flavours. It’s not tropical punch tangy, it’s more of a mellow tropical. A great beer to relax with 👍 6.2%