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  • Spitfire Gold

    Spitfire Gold

    8/10 What a lovely beer! Golden in colour. It has a pleasant malty taste with a soft bitter finish. Refreshing and biscuity.  2015 marked the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and 25 years since Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale was first brewed to commemorate The Few. A well-balanced, light golden ale, Spitfire Gold is…

  • Double Stout

    Double Stout

    5/10 An Irish stout by one of my local breweries in Kent, Shepherd Neame.  I normally find stouts overly bitter and roasted. But this was softer and maybe a bit chocolatey. Thumbs up! 3.8%

  • Tapping the Admiral

    Tapping the Admiral

    7/10 Really nice surprise! It’s quite a light coloured ale so didn’t expect such a rich flavour. Can definitely taste a bit of brandy or toffee in this.  Great beer, plus it has a great story… When Nelson was killed at Trafalgar his body was preserved in a cask of brandy during the trip back…

  • Shepherd Neame Indian Pale Ale

    Shepherd Neame Indian Pale Ale

    8/10 Another fantastic ale from the oldest brewery in the country. Shepherd Neame has been brewing in Faversham since 1698.  Recently they re-released some old receptors. They are all amazing and if highly recommend them.  IPA was brewed with more hops than normal ales as hops make the ale last longer. This was needed as…

  • Brilliant Ale

    Brilliant Ale

    8/10 One of Shepherd Neames historic ales that they’ve just restored. We bought these actually in the brewery after being told that they named it “brilliant” after a ray of sunshine streamed through the window directly onto the beers as they were being sampled for the first time. It’s a very lightly coloured ale and…

  • Master Brewers IPA

    Master Brewers IPA

    7/10 Another winner from Shepherd Neame. Nice refreshing ale. 3.8%

  • Master Brew

    Master Brew

    7/10 One of the main Shepherd Neame ales. They built their reputation on this. So much so, it has the same EU protection as Champaigne! The original Kentish ale Shepherd Neame’s most popular ale in England is Spitfire, apart from in their home county of Kent. We love our hops down here and so, Master…

  • Whitstable Bay Pale Ale

    Whitstable Bay Pale Ale

    6/10 A very tasty and refreshing IPA from the Steam House (Shepherd Neame) in Faversham (near my house in Kent). Proper thirst quenching pint with a bit of citrus. Not tart at all tho, quite smooth. Like it! 4%

  • Shepherd Neame 1698

    Shepherd Neame 1698

    9/10 Wow! This is a great beer. Strong, smooth and malty.¬†Quite a warm, reddy brown colour. Great stuff! It’s a bottle conditioned beer, which means that it has a bit of yeast in the bottle so that it continues to ferment – just like real ale does in the cask. There are only a few…

  • Spitfire


    7/10 Classic British ale from Kent’s Shepherd Neame Brewery. Lovely pint.  Was originally brewed to mark 50 years since the Battle of Britain. The original plan was to only sell it for 6 months. It’s now their biggest ale in the UK.  4.5%