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  • Greenwich Winter Spiced Porter

    Greenwich Winter Spiced Porter

    5/10 I’m loving the Christmas theme beers at the moment.  This one is a nice, dark and malty porter. Spiced with cinnamon and allspice to give it a winter kick.  I like the idea but it was a bit too sweet for me.  5.5%

  • Maritime Salted Caramel Porter

    Maritime Salted Caramel Porter

    8/10 Another Christmas themed beer (I’m enjoying this!) this time from the Meantime brewery in Greenwich. This is a dark reddy brown ale. Thick and malty with loads of flavour. You can taste the caramel and it gives it a soft, sweet smoothness. A traditional porter style which dates back to 1750 that’s been given…

  • Amarillo golden ale

    Amarillo golden ale

    7/10 I like this one. Goes down well and you wouldn’t mind sticking with it for a while.  The Amarillo hop comes from the Yakima valley in America. It’s one of their most sought after hop varieties as it gives a slight tangerine flavour to the beer.  This is brewed by Meantime Brewery in Greenwich,…

  • Black IPA

    Black IPA

    5/10 Bit disappointed with this one. Was really looking forward to a nice thirst quenching IPA (with a twist) for a hot day. But to my humble palate, this tastes more like a stout than an Indian Pale Ale.  This was brewed by the Meantime Brewing Company for Marks & Spencer’s. 

  • British Clipper IPA

    British Clipper IPA

    6/10 Brewed by Meantime Brewing Company for Marks & Spencer’s. Quite a hoppy, earthy IPA. Pretty decent if you like an IPA. 6%

  • Yakima Red

    Yakima Red

    4/10 I’m in Prague but found an English Pub (The John Lennon Pub) so thought I’d get a taste of home. Still I thought I’d try something a little different that I’d not had before. I’d not heard of the MEANTIME brewery before but have since noticed they had a bar in the O2, London.…