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  • Old Empire

    Old Empire

    8/10 This is a fantastic Indian pale ale by Marston’s. A memorable and deceptively easy drinking IPA. This is an authentic recreation of the beer style created for, and enjoyed throughout, the Empire. All IPAs should be this good. It has a refreshing citrus aroma with a balanced bittersweet finish. 5.7%

  • Resolution


    6/10 A nice solid, English beer. Light and refreshing yet malty with a hoppy undertone. 4.7%

  • Pedigree


    7/10 Lovely pale ale from Marston’s. Plus it’s the official sponsor of the England cricket. A light golden brown in colour. Give this a try if you like your pale ales. Matured in oak barrels 4.5%

  • EPA


    6/10 English Pale Ale from Marstons. Very light session ale, quite like a lager in look and taste really.  Drink cold and with a BBQ!  3.6%

  • Marstons oyster stout

    Marstons oyster stout

    7/10 Quite a complex stout. Very tasty with lots of flavours going on. Not too bitter. Not bad! Would get again.

  • Marston’s Pale Ale

    Marston’s Pale Ale

    3/10 Not too good. But then I’m not a big pale ale fan.