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  • Fire Rock

    Fire Rock

    7/10 Right that’s it… Kona are going on my favourite brewery list. Every one of their beers I’ve tried has been great.  They’re all light, refreshing with a slight malty aftertaste.  This pale ale is no exception. It just has more of the malt, more richness.  Active volcanoes on the Big Island on Hawaii leave […]

  • Castaway IPA

    Castaway IPA

    6/10 Another fantastic beer from the Kona Brewing Company. Liquid aloha! You definitely feel like you’re somewhere exotic with the sun on your face whilst drinking their beers.  Seriously, if you’re looking for a new brewery to stock up your fridge with then I highly recommend Kona. Each one I’ve had (all different styles) have […]

  • Longboard


    8/10 I’m drinking this ice cold as it’s been in the fridge for 4 days. It’s been a long day at work. Finally got the kids to bed. Now I’m thinking that this maybe the best lager I’ve ever tasted…!  Smooth, refreshing and slightly malty. Not too fizzy.  Im a big fan of the Kona […]

  • Big wave

    Big wave

    7/10 What a lovely little ale!  It’s quite a light ale that would be perfect on a hot day. Usually ale gets a bit chewey in the sun but this is as light as lager. It has soft bubbles and a smooth taste. It’s actually a very refreshing ale!  Even though it’s quite light it […]