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  • Kerel Kaishaku

    Kerel Kaishaku

    10/10 What a powerhouse of a beer! An absolute work of art. Prepare to be smashed in the face by a Hop Monster! 👊 Kaishaku is a 15% beer which puts it at the top of the ABV charts – it’s almost wine strength! This is a powerful blonde beer that’s bursting with hops, hops…

  • Kerel Session IPA

    Kerel Session IPA

    7/10 Probably the best low alcohol beer I’ve ever tried. At only 2.5% this packs in so much flavour! Crackin little session stubby for an afternoon in the garden. Juicy and hoppy. Reality is the most juicy scandal of all time 2.5%

  • Kerel Indian Pale Ale

    Kerel Indian Pale Ale

    9/10 Superb IPA from the Kerel brewery in Belgium. This was really enjoyable whilst sat in the sun. Zesty and hoppy. Lip smacking! You are travelling through time right now 4.5%

  • Kerel Stout

    Kerel Stout

    8/10 Cracking stout! Brewed in Belgium which I thought was quite unusual as they normally stick to strong blondes. I loved the stocky bottle, it’s quite weighty in your hand. Beer is sweet with a hint of coffee. Lovely! Anything can happen to anyone, but it usually doesn’t. Except when it does. 5.5%