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  • OTT (Old Tongham Tasty)

    OTT (Old Tongham Tasty)

    10/10 So rich and smooth. Can taste the velvet chocolatier and malty flavours. Slightly sweet with a hint of plumb.  Fantastic beer! Carried all the way from the brewery. Worth it! 6%

  • Farnham White

    Farnham White

    8/10 So glad I found a bottle of this! I visited the Hogs Back brewery in 2016 (which is a fantastic tour – the best brewery tour I’ve ever done!) I remember them making a big fuss about these hops that they were growing. Apparently they’ve managed to grow back this certain type of hop…

  • RIP Snorter

    RIP Snorter

    5/10 I do like a ruby beer from time to time. Especially with a ruby murry! I visited the Hogs Back brewery recently and had a fantastic time. If you have the chance to do their brewery tour then I recommend it. They are very generous with their beers! This is quite a complex red…

  • A over T

    A over T

    9/10 This is only available at the brewery. I carried this bottle for 2 hours on the way home and waited for “a good time” to try it.  That time finally came after bossing an Ikea wardrobe! Aromas Over Tongham is an award winning vintage beer. Bottle conditioned for extra flavour. It has a deep,…

  • Hop Garden Gold

    Hop Garden Gold

    6/10 A refreshing pint. Quite light coloured with a comfortable mouthful of hop with a hint of sweetness.  Perfect for a hot day in the garden.  4.4%

  • Montezuma’s chocolate lager

    Montezuma’s chocolate lager

    4/10 Chocolate lager from the Hogs Back Brewery. Actually tastes of proper chocolate, not a slight hint like others I’ve tried.  Decent experiment but you couldn’t have too many at one – too sweet.  4.5%