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  • St Edmunds Golden Beer

    St Edmunds Golden Beer

    6/10 This is a nice beer from Greene King. Golden beer, hoppy with a touch of citrus. It’s quite crisp and fresh tasting. Would be great on a hot day! St Edmund, the first patron saint of England…. Green King Brewery is based in Bury St Edmund 4.2%

  • Yardbird


    7/10 I really enjoyed this one. Quite a refreshing pale ale with a good amount of hops and citrus. Has a bit of fruitiness to it. Yardbird is pretty easy going and you could enjoy a few of these. 4%

  • East Coast IPA

    East Coast IPA

    7/10 Almost forgot to do this one. On a roll! Decent session beer from Green King. More hoppy than their other IPAs as it has the American hop influence. Crisp and hoppy 4%