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  • Santa Paws

    Santa Paws

    4/10 A Christmas scotch ale from Brewdog. It’s dark and sweet. Not bad! But I prefer my Christmas beers with a bit more fruit and spice. 4.5%

  • Rosey Nosey

    Rosey Nosey

    7/10 Well I’m packing for a weekend away with the family. Usually the packing part is quite boring but not tonight…. I’ve found some left over Christmas beer! Now I’m definitely in the holiday spirit 🙂 This is a full bodied ale from Batemans brewery. It’s rich and slightly fruity.  Not overly “Christmassy” like some…

  • Reigndeer 


    7/10 I’m still trying to get through all my Christmas beers. (It’s a hard life!) Winter amber ale This is a really tasty amber ale. It has a slight winter fruityness to it but it’s not over powering. I could easily sink a few of these in July. I bet Santa does!! 5%

  • Greenwich Winter Spiced Porter

    Greenwich Winter Spiced Porter

    5/10 I’m loving the Christmas theme beers at the moment.  This one is a nice, dark and malty porter. Spiced with cinnamon and allspice to give it a winter kick.  I like the idea but it was a bit too sweet for me.  5.5%

  • Maritime Salted Caramel Porter

    Maritime Salted Caramel Porter

    8/10 Another Christmas themed beer (I’m enjoying this!) this time from the Meantime brewery in Greenwich. This is a dark reddy brown ale. Thick and malty with loads of flavour. You can taste the caramel and it gives it a soft, sweet smoothness. A traditional porter style which dates back to 1750 that’s been given…

  • Blitzen


    6/10 A Christmas ruby ale by the black sheep brewery in Yorkshire.  Santa approved Black Sheep ale has a bit of a punchier taste than your other common ales: Abbot, London Pride, 6X etc. It has a bitter sweet kick – that i like! This Christmas version is a little bit sweeter and has a…

  • Bah Humbug

    Bah Humbug

    8/10 Well it’s December, so let’s roll out the Christmas themed beers! This is another cracker from the master brewers at the Wychwood Brewery. I expected a mean, thick, dark beer to match the branding but was very pleasantly surprised.  It’s a warm brown coloured beer that tastes lovely. If a beer could taste like…

  • M&S Cheshire Chocolate Porter

    M&S Cheshire Chocolate Porter

    6/10 A special ale from Marks & Spensers. A light bodied porter with a hint of chocolate. Nice Christmas pint! 6%

  • Dark Star Winter Warmer

    7/10 Very tasty bitter. Warm colour and a little bit of Christmas sweetness to it. Lovely!