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  • Double Punk

    9/10 Brewdog Double Punk – Amplified Double IPA 👊 “The beer that started it all. Amplified.” This is a brilliant beer: big punchy hops! Bit of haze to it, and, strooong! At 8.2% this is a bit of a treat beer. Not one for a session with the lads, this is one for enjoying at…

  • Instamatic


    An IPA from Brewdog! What’s not to love? Well, maybe the price, but that aside, this is a fab beer. Wallop! 8/10

  • Mr President – Defiant Double IPA (Brewdog)

    Mr President – Defiant Double IPA (Brewdog)

    9/10 Now this will knock your socks off! Here’s your 9.2% beer Mr President..! Big flavours have been packed into Mr President starting with mouthwatering fruits and bitter hops combined with chewy toffee notes and a hint of pine. Brewdog say it best… An all American gung-ho of a beer.  This is the Defcon 1…

  • New England IPA – Brewdog Vs Cloudwater

    New England IPA – Brewdog Vs Cloudwater

    9/10 I must have done something right recently because my wife added his one to our Tesco order. During the coronavirus lockdown were only allowed so many items in a single shop and she could t have picked a better beer! Beer is an essential shopping item I’m a massive fan of Brewdog and regularly…

  • Quench Quake

    Quench Quake

    8/10 Another of Brewdogs “that’s a bit different” beers. This is a mouth watering sour beer. Saliva inducing after the first glug. An explosion of grapefruit and tangerine across the palate. 4.6%

  • Hazy Jane

    Hazy Jane

    8/10Another fantastic powerhouse of a beer from Brewdog!This is a strong, hoopy IPA that will knock your socks off. 7.2% I might add!Cloudy, straw colour and soft on the pallet, until the hops smack you in the chops.Fruity and Wheaty! Love this.



    7/10 Independent pale ale by brewdog. Decent beer 👍 4.2%

  • Dead Pony Club

    Dead Pony Club

    8/10 Session pale ale by the masters at Brewdog. If you like Punk IPA but don’t want a strong beer (lunchtime pint?) then this is one for you! 3.8%

  • Occultist


    9/10 WTF is this? Craziest description of a beer I’ve ever seen… Milk coffee chocolate vanilla oatmeal stout This is a black (scary black?) beer with a mean looking head. Smells sweet with bitter coffee all at once. The taste knocks your socks off! Where to start? It’s a deep and complex flavour. Rich and…

  • Alice Porter

    Alice Porter

    6/10 Quite a tasty little Porter by brewdog! Enigmatic dark alchemy Goes down well and isn’t too bitter. Hints of chocolate and fruit. Decent Porter! 4.6%