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  • Double Punk

    9/10 Brewdog Double Punk – Amplified Double IPA πŸ‘Š β€œThe beer that started it all. Amplified.” This is a brilliant beer: big punchy hops! Bit of haze to it, and, strooong! At 8.2% this is a bit of a treat beer. Not one for a session with the lads, this is one for enjoying at…

  • Mr President – Defiant Double IPA (Brewdog)

    Mr President – Defiant Double IPA (Brewdog)

    9/10 Now this will knock your socks off! Here’s your 9.2% beer Mr President..! Big flavours have been packed into Mr President starting with mouthwatering fruits and bitter hops combined with chewy toffee notes and a hint of pine. Brewdog say it best… An all American gung-ho of a beer.Β  This is the Defcon 1…

  • Extra Special (Good Chemistry Brewing)

    Extra Special (Good Chemistry Brewing)

    9/10 This is a festive tasting beer that I’m drinking in Summer. That said, it’s an amazing beer and I feel like I’ve just opened a late present from Santa. Extra Special uses a combination of seven different malts to create a rich, dark and complex beer. Fruity, spicy, malty, dark, warming, goodness. 5.6%

  • Kerel Indian Pale Ale

    Kerel Indian Pale Ale

    9/10 Superb IPA from the Kerel brewery in Belgium. This was really enjoyable whilst sat in the sun. Zesty and hoppy. Lip smacking! You are travelling through time right now 4.5%

  • New England IPA – Brewdog Vs Cloudwater

    New England IPA – Brewdog Vs Cloudwater

    9/10 I must have done something right recently because my wife added his one to our Tesco order. During the coronavirus lockdown were only allowed so many items in a single shop and she could t have picked a better beer! Beer is an essential shopping item I’m a massive fan of Brewdog and regularly…

  • Hobgoblin IPA

    Hobgoblin IPA

    9/10 You can’t go wrong with wychwood brewery. All their beers are brilliant and I love the individual artwork for all of their beers. Hobgoblin IPA is a fantastic pint! Nice and hoppy with a citrus kick. There’s a slight hint of orange and grapefruit. Refreshing bitterness at the end. 5.3%

  • Shipyard American IPA

    Shipyard American IPA

    9/10 I’ve been enjoying Shipyard for years and have only just realised that it’s not in my notes! Very refreshing, bit of citrus, lighter and easy drinking beer. You can have a few and not get bored or feel like you’re chewing it. This is a brilliant IPA and I would highly recommend it I’d…

  • Grand Prestige

    Grand Prestige

    9/10 Absolutely no idea what the label says as there’s no English translation. I can tell you that this little beauty was brewed in the Netherlands by Hertog Jan. It’s a strong, full bodied beer at 10%!! Malty with a good head. Fantastic! 10%

  • St. Bernardus Abt 12

    St. Bernardus Abt 12

    9/10 Bloody lovely. 10%

  • Wiper And True, Milk Shake

    Wiper And True, Milk Shake

    9/10 Now then. Now, then! I must admit that this has been on my Beer Shelf for a number of months. It arrived as part of a beer box (thanks Beer Hawk!) and the name put me off. “Milk shake”, I want hops and malt and bitterness! Give me beer!! Milk shake will definitely not…