Category: 8/10

  • The Fabulist

    The Fabulist

    8/10 Hazy IPA. Cracking beer! 6.2%

  • Instamatic


    An IPA from Brewdog! What’s not to love? Well, maybe the price, but that aside, this is a fab beer. Wallop! 8/10

  • Soundwave


    8/10 This is a great IPA. Quite dry and bitter but still has a full body. I’ve had a few top results with Siren Craft Brew now. I will make a note to hunt down more of their beers. 5.6%

  • Huckaback Neipa

    Huckaback Neipa

    8/10 Very pleasant change to the norm. A very hazy and super fruity hoppy ale. Huckaback is a refreshing beer from Salt Beer Factory. Unfiltered to keep the natural haze, I really enjoyed this. 5.5%

  • Evolver IPA

    Evolver IPA

    8/10 If you are a true lover of hops then you must check out this brewery. The Wild Beer Co go that extra mile (or thousand) to bring wild yeast strains into their brews.  This beer is 100% fermented with brettanomyces – a naturally occurring wild yeast. At 3 months it tastes the same as…

  • Big Milk Stout (London Beer Factory)

    Big Milk Stout (London Beer Factory)

    8/10 Yessss! This is a big, whopping, sweet and creamy milk stout. A satisfying, strong and dark beer. Hints of chocolate and vanilla. Vanilla and cacao nibs layer luxuriousness over a soft wholesome stout 7.5%

  • Stateside IPA (The Buckmore Brewery)

    Stateside IPA (The Buckmore Brewery)

    8/10 I bought this can from Also who have a great beer selection. There’s a lot more craft beer available now in most shops, it’s great! Stateside IPA by The Buckmore Brewery is to be enjoyed cold on a hot day. Give it the respect of a glass and enjoy. A bit sweet and fruity,…

  • Medusa


    8/10 Such a smooth, ruby red ale. Lovely rich colour with hints of toffee apple and chocolate.  This is absolutely lovely.  5%

  • Saison Du

    Saison Du

    8/10 Zesty rice beer from Japan. The bottle looks great and it tastes just as good. Which surprised me as I’m not usually fond of beers from East Asia.  This is sweeter than a Belgium wheat beer and has more citrus.  5%

  • Kerel Stout

    Kerel Stout

    8/10 Cracking stout! Brewed in Belgium which I thought was quite unusual as they normally stick to strong blondes. I loved the stocky bottle, it’s quite weighty in your hand. Beer is sweet with a hint of coffee. Lovely! Anything can happen to anyone, but it usually doesn’t. Except when it does. 5.5%