Category: 7/10

  • Yardbird


    7/10 Yep. Get in! 4%

  • Chiron


    7/10 Great beer from Thornbridge brewery. 5%

  • Belgica


    7/10 Belgian craft beer. Very nice with the usual blonde body, big fluffy head and hints of spices. Lovers of Leffe will enjoy this, especially as it’s half the price and available in Aldi! Lower ABV mind, this one’s only 5%!

  • Fine Line (Jennings)

    Fine Line (Jennings)

    7/10 A very hoppy and fruity pale ale from the Lake District. Jennings brewery have some crackin beers on offer and I’d recommend trying them if you get chance. Nice, easy going beers. Fine Line is dedicated to the pencil, which was invented after the discovery of graphite in the Lake District in the 1500s.…

  • Star


    7/10 Star (not the lager!) is brewed in the Portobello Brewery, London. It’s a very smooth amber ale. I really enjoyed this one! Hints of roasted malt and coffee, floral berry and fruity late hop 4.3%

  • Gloucester Gold

    Gloucester Gold

    7/10 A satisfying golden ale from Gloucester Brewery. This one has a hint of tropical fruits to it which makes it more refreshing for warm days. Quite light alcohol content too so it makes a great afternoon or dinner drink. 3.9%

  • Dry-hopped


    7/10 Hoppy little ale. Bit cloudy with a good head. Quite refreshing! 5.5%

  • Fruh


    7/10 Premium German beer. Literally, all lager should taste like this – it was so refreshing yet still tasty. I love it when a lager has a slight maltiness to it and isn’t so fizzy that it leaves you with gas. I will buy this again. 4.8%

  • Kerel Session IPA

    Kerel Session IPA

    7/10 Probably the best low alcohol beer I’ve ever tried. At only 2.5% this packs in so much flavour! Crackin little session stubby for an afternoon in the garden. Juicy and hoppy. Reality is the most juicy scandal of all time 2.5%

  • Scorcher IPA

    Scorcher IPA

    7/10 “Ooooh helloooo” I said as a took my first swig.  What a nice little surprise. The brewery that everyone knows for their lager offers other flavours.  Suppose I should have guessed that they would. Not much of a brewery if they only produce a single brew. But it was a surprise all the same. …