Category: 6/10

  • Tropical

    The local lager of Fuertaventura! I love this island! Cheap piss tastes amazing in the sun! 4.7%

  • Sayzon


    6/10 An unusual Belgian style beer that’s apparently brewed in collaboration with Melissa Cole. I’ve read a few of her books and they’re really good, they’re like 3 stories in 1 all with the same people. What a creative mind! Sayzon is a hazy wheat beer rather than a thick, murky dark Belgian. It has…

  • Murmur


    8/10 The Wild Beer Co brew some creative beers! I’ve had some great ones from them now. They seem to think more about the beer accompanying food rather than just drinking it on its own. I don’t know about you, but I quite enjoy a liquid lunch now and again! Murmur is a mixture between…

  • Bigmouth


    6/10 My second beer from New Zealand! They call this a session IPA but its far too punchy for that. This is good stuff if you like your citrus to inflate your tongue to double size.  👅  4.4%

  • Cross Borders Indian Pale Ale

    Cross Borders Indian Pale Ale

    6/10 Great IPA from Scotland: “hoppy, citrus, fruity” Unfiltered and unpasteurised (as it should be, less nasties!) Cross Borders Brewing Company are located just outside of central Edinburgh 6%

  • Canopy


    7/10 This was a great beer to have on a hot day when I was cleaning my bike. It was a hand-me-down bike that was all clogged up. Having not been on a bike for over 20 years I took great pride in cleaning the coggs and chain with my wife’s toothbrush whilst sipping a…

  • APA


    6/10 My first beer from New Zealand! Aotearoa Pale Ale.  Quite a hoppy pale ale. Not bad but I was more interested in the bottle design at times.  5.8%

  • The Ordinary Bitter

    The Ordinary Bitter

    6/10 A traditional British bitter that’s been updated with American hops by Anspach & Hobday in London. Perfectly balanced between malt sweetness and hop bitterness 3.7%

  • Nanny State

    Nanny State

    6/10 Ok so this is alcohol free. Chocolate tea pot? Glass hammer? Well if you’re driving (sucker) and are sick of fizzy pop then this is your saviour.  It’s one of two alcohol free beers that I would recommend. Reason = it still tastes like a decent beer. (The other is Erdinger if you’re interested)…

  • Babel Hazy Pils (Down Stream)

    Babel Hazy Pils (Down Stream)

    6/10 Clean, crisp and refreshing. If the sun’s out grab one of these! Lager with a difference! Bit more malt, spice, lemon all with a hazy, lazy body. It has some bollocks about Blockchain on the can but don’t judge a book by it’s cover, it’s what’s inside that counts! 🍻 4.5%