Category: 4/10

  • Hoptical Illusion

    Hoptical Illusion

    4/10 East coast IPA. Very fruity with powerful hops.  A bit too sweet for me. But hunt it down if you like that sort of thing! 7%

  • BBNo 21/06

    BBNo 21/06

    4/10 Prepare for a tropical punch in the tongue! This is a very fruity pale ale.  5.2%

  • Sauvinova


    4/10 I love the bottles on these Tuatara beers! They seem to be styled on a dinosaur or something. I like dinosaurs! This pale ale pours well: great colour and life to it. Lovely looking head. The beer taste different to other pale ales. The citrus has a bit of a twang to it. From…

  • Light Ale

    Light Ale

    4/10 If you want a lower APV beer then this Light Ale comes in at 3.2% It’s a pretty decent taste just quite light and lacks body. 3.2%

  • Ola Dubh

    Ola Dubh

    4/10 “Ale matured in whisky casks” The casks they used had Highland Park Scotch Whiskey in which is pretty smokey and sweet. Not one for me.  8% { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “Review”, “itemReviewed”: “Ola Dubh”, “reviewRating”: { “@type”: “Rating”, “bestRating”: “10”, “worstRating”: “1”, “ratingValue”: “4” }, “datePublished”: “2017-05-05”, “author”: “anrpalmer” }

  • Santa Paws

    Santa Paws

    4/10 A Christmas scotch ale from Brewdog. It’s dark and sweet. Not bad! But I prefer my Christmas beers with a bit more fruit and spice. 4.5%

  • Plum Porter

    Plum Porter

    4/10 A dark and strong plum porter from the Titanic brewery.  It has a good bitter sweet start but I found it an overly sweet finish. A bit too rich for my mood.  4.9%

  • Montezuma’s chocolate lager

    Montezuma’s chocolate lager

    4/10 Chocolate lager from the Hogs Back Brewery. Actually tastes of proper chocolate, not a slight hint like others I’ve tried.  Decent experiment but you couldn’t have too many at one – too sweet.  4.5%

  • Blanche de Namur

    Blanche de Namur

    4/10 A very pale wheat beer, almost milky white. The back of the bottle provides instructions on how to pour it for perfection.    It’s ok… A bit bland when compared to the big guns like Erdinger.  Available in Aldi.     

  • Ginger Ale

    Ginger Ale

    4/10 Wow, this is different! Not your average ginger ale/beer. This is quite a unique blende of strong ginger ale and dark beer. Even though it’s made with dark beer it’s not a heavy drink. It first (I like to taste beers blind without seeing the bottle) I thought it was some sort of bitter…