Category: 10/10

  • Hobgoblin Halloween Special

    Hobgoblin Halloween Special

    I’m a massive fan of Wychwood brewery. Hobgoblin Ruby is an absolute staple beer that everyone should love. Their newer Hobgoblin IPA is absolutely fantastic! A great big wallop of juicy citrus married with just the right amount of dry hops. Hobgoblin Gold is a great session beer and I’ve enjoyed a few party kegs…

  • Leffe Winter Bier

    Leffe Winter Bier

    10/10 Another brilliant beer by Leffe. I absolutely love their beers which always have a fantastic aroma, great head and full body. This special festive variation also adds in a dollop of caramel, a touch of spice and a big warm beer jacket if you’re lucky. 6.6%

  • Kerel Kaishaku

    Kerel Kaishaku

    10/10 What a powerhouse of a beer! An absolute work of art. Prepare to be smashed in the face by a Hop Monster! 👊 Kaishaku is a 15% beer which puts it at the top of the ABV charts – it’s almost wine strength! This is a powerful blonde beer that’s bursting with hops, hops…

  • OTT (Old Tongham Tasty)

    OTT (Old Tongham Tasty)

    10/10 So rich and smooth. Can taste the velvet chocolatier and malty flavours. Slightly sweet with a hint of plumb.  Fantastic beer! Carried all the way from the brewery. Worth it! 6%

  • Old Tom

    Old Tom

    10/10 Fan-bloody-tastic! Old Tom is now 120 years old and the guys over at Robinson’s Brewery in Stockport deserve a massive pat on the back for keeping this beauty going for so long. Strong & dark, malty with fruity overtones. Decent lacing down the glass. This is quality! I love Trappist beer which has been…

  • Guinness Antwerpen

    Guinness Antwerpen

    10/10 Absolutely fantastic! This is the best Guinness you will ever have. Crazy strong at 8%, just as the Belgians like it. At its core this has the typical Guinness taste but this is richer, smoother and a more robust beer. It doesn’t have the big creamy head that’s normally associated with Guinness but damn…

  • Gouden Carolus Christmas

    Gouden Carolus Christmas

    10/10 Hands down, the best beer I’ve tried all Winter. This is an amazing beer! It’s everything you want from a Belgian Beer: thick, dark, smooth, strong, but this has a Christmas twist to it. Definitely some magic in this bottle. This is quite a rare beer in the UK. I had to order this…

  • Kwak


    10/10 This is a classic Belgian beer which has been brewed since 1791.  It’s normally served in a sort of vase that need a wooden stand. If you’re lucky enough to drink this in its official glass you’ll feel like some nutty beer professor. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…! An uncomparable Belgian too…

  • Trappistes Rochefort 8

    Trappistes Rochefort 8

    10/10 Now ladies and gents… you’re in for a treat….  If you’ve never come across a “trappist” beer before then you need to pay attention. If you love beer then you will love this. There are only 11 monasteries in the world that produce offical trappist beer. The Brasserie de Rochefort, which opened in 1595, is…

  • Piraat


    10/10 Wow! This is the top end of beer! Soft golden brown in colour and it has a really soft, velvety texture with a fluffy white head.  It tastes really hoppy and maybe a bit syrupy.  The best thing is its on offer in Lidl. Amazing!!  The box is only £7 in Lidl. Each bottle…