Category: 1/10

  • Moonstrips


    1/10 The best thing about craft beer tasting is the unexpected surprises. Those odd times when brewers have tried something different – a new flavour or method to give the beer a little something extra to make it stand out from the crowd. However, not everyone can get it right (of course, some people might…

  • Sofie 


    1/10 The enjoyable thing about trying craft beers is the variety. They are all different and you never know really what you’re going to get.  A splash of orange peel; a tropical punch, bitter sweet hops… gimme gimme! This one is like a pint of wine. Not really what I’m after. Couldn’t finish it and…

  • Scottish Ale

    Scottish Ale

    1/10 Yuk. “Rich nutty smooth”… and tastes like an overly sweet yogurt that went off last week. 5.2%

  • North Pale Ale

    North Pale Ale

    1/10 Awful but points for effort. The label sounded great: loads of hops and malt. But this was more like drinking stewed socks. 3.9%

  • London Velvet

    London Velvet

    1/10 Porter ale and fine cider.  A lot of people still like a pint of “half and half” and use Guinness rather than porter. They say it tastes like velvet…. Not for me.  5%

  • Hoegarden Rose

    Hoegarden Rose

    1/10 Urgh! Far toooo sweet. Tastes like jam!!! I’ve saved you a few quid here. Avoid! 3%

  • Viru


    1/10 Estonias finest piss.

  • Chang


    1/10 Lager from Thailand. Tastes like weak piss.

  • Trade Winds

    Trade Winds

    1/10 Had so much promise. Shite.

  • Liefmans

    1/10 Mistake!! Thought it was a beer but it’s some fruity alco-pop thing. Got laughed at 😦