Category: Belgian

  • Belgica


    7/10 Belgian craft beer. Very nice with the usual blonde body, big fluffy head and hints of spices. Lovers of Leffe will enjoy this, especially as it’s half the price and available in Aldi! Lower ABV mind, this one’s only 5%!

  • Leffe Winter Bier

    Leffe Winter Bier

    10/10 Another brilliant beer by Leffe. I absolutely love their beers which always have a fantastic aroma, great head and full body. This special festive variation also adds in a dollop of caramel, a touch of spice and a big warm beer jacket if you’re lucky. 6.6%

  • Kerel Kaishaku

    Kerel Kaishaku

    10/10 What a powerhouse of a beer! An absolute work of art. Prepare to be smashed in the face by a Hop Monster! 👊 Kaishaku is a 15% beer which puts it at the top of the ABV charts – it’s almost wine strength! This is a powerful blonde beer that’s bursting with hops, hops…

  • Kerel Session IPA

    Kerel Session IPA

    7/10 Probably the best low alcohol beer I’ve ever tried. At only 2.5% this packs in so much flavour! Crackin little session stubby for an afternoon in the garden. Juicy and hoppy. Reality is the most juicy scandal of all time 2.5%

  • Kerel Indian Pale Ale

    Kerel Indian Pale Ale

    9/10 Superb IPA from the Kerel brewery in Belgium. This was really enjoyable whilst sat in the sun. Zesty and hoppy. Lip smacking! You are travelling through time right now 4.5%

  • Kerel Stout

    Kerel Stout

    8/10 Cracking stout! Brewed in Belgium which I thought was quite unusual as they normally stick to strong blondes. I loved the stocky bottle, it’s quite weighty in your hand. Beer is sweet with a hint of coffee. Lovely! Anything can happen to anyone, but it usually doesn’t. Except when it does. 5.5%

  • Julius


    8/10 Oh I do love trying new Belgian beers. They are so different to British Ales: more character, thick body, higher APV, fantastic. To me, Belgians are special and a bit of a treat. I’ll always save one for the end of a night. Julius 54BC is no exception, an absolute treat. Sample it if…

  • Emergency chairs

    Emergency chairs

    8/10 I really liked this lower APV beer by Mikkeller brewery. It’s a “hazy table beer” and with a name like “emergency chairs” I assume they’re giving us a decent beer to have with your next big family meal. Great idea! Well, it went well with my spag bol!! 🍺😋

  • St. Bernardus Abt 12

    St. Bernardus Abt 12

    9/10 Bloody lovely. 10%

  • St Bernardus Prior 8

    St Bernardus Prior 8

    8/10 Cracking belgian abbey beer 8%