Category: American

  • Hoptical Illusion

    Hoptical Illusion

    4/10 East coast IPA. Very fruity with powerful hops.  A bit too sweet for me. But hunt it down if you like that sort of thing! 7%

  • Dry-hopped


    7/10 Hoppy little ale. Bit cloudy with a good head. Quite refreshing! 5.5%

  • Scorcher IPA

    Scorcher IPA

    7/10 “Ooooh helloooo” I said as a took my first swig.  What a nice little surprise. The brewery that everyone knows for their lager offers other flavours.  Suppose I should have guessed that they would. Not much of a brewery if they only produce a single brew. But it was a surprise all the same. …

  • Lagunitas Ale

    Lagunitas Ale

    8/10 I was surprised to see this in my local Aldi as Lagunitas Brewing Company produce some fantastic hop monsters! Don’t be put off if you’re a lager drinker. It’s called ALE and if you live in the UK and don’t usually go for it then you’re probably thinking dark and murky. However, this is…

  • Sofie 


    1/10 The enjoyable thing about trying craft beers is the variety. They are all different and you never know really what you’re going to get.  A splash of orange peel; a tropical punch, bitter sweet hops… gimme gimme! This one is like a pint of wine. Not really what I’m after. Couldn’t finish it and…

  • Preseason lager

    Preseason lager

    8/10 Lager? WTF? Surely this is a pale ale…?!  Strong grapefruit taste and the smell/taste more like an IPA.  Lager is great when your thirsty but is usually gassy and has little flavour. To find a lager that flips this on its head is revolutionary!  Goose can’t put a foot wrong. More please!! 5.8%

  • Honkers Ale

    Honkers Ale

    7/10 Really tasty British style bitter. Brewed by Goose Island brewery in USA. Compared to a standard bitter this is typically American: more of everything! More hops, more malt and even has a bit of fruitiness to it to give you a little sweetness as it brushes over your tongue. Long malty finish. Combines a…

  • Shipyard


    6/10 This is a fantastic American Pale Ale. Best of all it’s available in Weatherspoons as part of their “includes a drink menu”. Refreshing, crisp and citrusy. Definitely my go to beer from now on!

  • Hoppy Birthday

    Hoppy Birthday

    Hoppy Birthday kid! 🎈

  • Beavertown Gamma Ray APA

    Beavertown Gamma Ray APA

    8/10 American Pale Ale is fantastic! So glad they have got their act together after decades of drinking rubbish (corrs, miller,Bud etc) This is a power house of a beer! 5.4%