Category: Stout

  • Big Milk Stout (London Beer Factory)

    Big Milk Stout (London Beer Factory)

    8/10 Yessss! This is a big, whopping, sweet and creamy milk stout. A satisfying, strong and dark beer. Hints of chocolate and vanilla. Vanilla and cacao nibs layer luxuriousness over a soft wholesome stout 7.5%

  • Kerel Stout

    Kerel Stout

    8/10 Cracking stout! Brewed in Belgium which I thought was quite unusual as they normally stick to strong blondes. I loved the stocky bottle, it’s quite weighty in your hand. Beer is sweet with a hint of coffee. Lovely! Anything can happen to anyone, but it usually doesn’t. Except when it does. 5.5%

  • Stay Puft Irish Cream

    Stay Puft Irish Cream

    8/10 What a fantastic twist the the already amazing Stay Puft Porter by Tiny Rebel brewery. The addition of Irish Cream makes this a great beer to have around Christmas time (and beyond!) Dark n sweet, bloody lovely! 5.2%

  • Dark arts surreal stout

    Dark arts surreal stout

    7/10 Probably the best stout I’ve ever tasted. Same dark beer just without the thick creamy head. This has a richness to it that other stouts don’t. It’s quite smooth and goes down really well. Not bitter at all. Brewed in Huddersfield which is a special place for me. Can design looks great and does…

  • Guinness Antwerpen

    Guinness Antwerpen

    10/10 Absolutely fantastic! This is the best Guinness you will ever have. Crazy strong at 8%, just as the Belgians like it. At its core this has the typical Guinness taste but this is richer, smoother and a more robust beer. It doesn’t have the big creamy head that’s normally associated with Guinness but damn…

  • Guinness Milk Stout

    Guinness Milk Stout

    8/10 Lovely, lovely Guinness. Milk stouts are fast becoming a favourite of mine. Especially with Winter around the corner. The beer is brewed with milk sugars which give it a subtle sweetness. It’s creamier than normal Guinness and has the typical thick head. Don’t be put off by the sweetness. This isn’t a chocolate stout…

  • Dazed & Confused

    Dazed & Confused

    7/10 I’m really getting into milk stouts at the moment. They’re lovely thick, rich and slightly sweeter stouts. With all the character and complexity of a decent pint of the black stuff. This one isn’t as sweet as other milk stouts I’ve tried. So if you’re a stout drinker and are wondering what all the…

  • Tontine


    8/10 Yes! Milk stout; get in! Unconventional darkness When it comes to choosing beers in winter, the darker the better. Milk stouts are slightly sweeter than a Guinness. Really tasty though. Keep an eye out in Tesco’s if you’ve not tried one yet. Named after the dark 17th century investment scheme 4.1%

  • Black Perle

    Black Perle

    8/10 Milk stouts are great. Coffee milk stouts are awesome! Far richer than a basic stout, milk stouts are more malty and rich. Perfect for when you want something different at the end of the day. Black Perle is brewed with quality coffee beans and the coffee/beer taste balance is just right. The coffee doesn’t…

  • Occultist


    9/10 WTF is this? Craziest description of a beer I’ve ever seen… Milk coffee chocolate vanilla oatmeal stout This is a black (scary black?) beer with a mean looking head. Smells sweet with bitter coffee all at once. The taste knocks your socks off! Where to start? It’s a deep and complex flavour. Rich and…