Category: Speciality

  • Hobgoblin Halloween Special

    Hobgoblin Halloween Special

    I’m a massive fan of Wychwood brewery. Hobgoblin Ruby is an absolute staple beer that everyone should love. Their newer Hobgoblin IPA is absolutely fantastic! A great big wallop of juicy citrus married with just the right amount of dry hops. Hobgoblin Gold is a great session beer and I’ve enjoyed a few party kegs…

  • Murmur


    8/10 The Wild Beer Co brew some creative beers! I’ve had some great ones from them now. They seem to think more about the beer accompanying food rather than just drinking it on its own. I don’t know about you, but I quite enjoy a liquid lunch now and again! Murmur is a mixture between…

  • Blood Red Sky

    Blood Red Sky

    2/10 Innis & Gunn Original is one of my favourite beers. I admire the brewery’s creative flare with their beers and have tried most of them now. The brewery store beer in oak barrels as distillers do with whisky. This adds a wonderful second flavour to the beer. Red Blood Sky uses Jamaican Rum Barrels…

  • Moonstrips


    1/10 The best thing about craft beer tasting is the unexpected surprises. Those odd times when brewers have tried something different – a new flavour or method to give the beer a little something extra to make it stand out from the crowd. However, not everyone can get it right (of course, some people might…

  • Sofie 


    1/10 The enjoyable thing about trying craft beers is the variety. They are all different and you never know really what you’re going to get.  A splash of orange peel; a tropical punch, bitter sweet hops… gimme gimme! This one is like a pint of wine. Not really what I’m after. Couldn’t finish it and…

  • Into The Woods – festive gingerbread ale

    Into The Woods – festive gingerbread ale

    5/10 I found this at the back of my beer shelf. My stock is running low during lockdown! A bit weird drinking Christmas beers in Spring but this was a pleasant evening beer. Brewed by Fourepure in London. I’ve been to their brewery bar and it’s fantastic on a sunny day. They let you bug…

  • Quench Quake

    Quench Quake

    8/10 Another of Brewdogs “that’s a bit different” beers. This is a mouth watering sour beer. Saliva inducing after the first glug. An explosion of grapefruit and tangerine across the palate. 4.6%

  • Stay Puft Irish Cream

    Stay Puft Irish Cream

    8/10 What a fantastic twist the the already amazing Stay Puft Porter by Tiny Rebel brewery. The addition of Irish Cream makes this a great beer to have around Christmas time (and beyond!) Dark n sweet, bloody lovely! 5.2%

  • Guava Christmas

    Guava Christmas

    8/10 Another cracking beer from the guys at Thornbridge brewery! This pale ale is brewed with Guava of all things. It gives the beer a big tropical taste. Wallop! 4.5%

  • Grasshopper CBD Pale Ale

    Grasshopper CBD Pale Ale

    8/10 Well, this is a first. I’ve tried over 350 beers and am used to brewers adding unusual flavours to make their beer stand out: Coco porters, tropical pales, milk stouts… Bit orange in your wheat beer even lemon in a corona. Well how about 5mg of CBD? What’s CBD? I hear you ask, well,…