Category: Pale Ale and IPA

  • Evolver IPA

    Evolver IPA

    8/10 If you are a true lover of hops then you must check out this brewery. The Wild Beer Co go that extra mile (or thousand) to bring wild yeast strains into their brews.  This beer is 100% fermented with brettanomyces – a naturally occurring wild yeast. At 3 months it tastes the same as…

  • Bigmouth


    6/10 My second beer from New Zealand! They call this a session IPA but its far too punchy for that. This is good stuff if you like your citrus to inflate your tongue to double size.  👅  4.4%

  • Dry-hopped


    7/10 Hoppy little ale. Bit cloudy with a good head. Quite refreshing! 5.5%

  • Stateside IPA (The Buckmore Brewery)

    Stateside IPA (The Buckmore Brewery)

    8/10 I bought this can from Also who have a great beer selection. There’s a lot more craft beer available now in most shops, it’s great! Stateside IPA by The Buckmore Brewery is to be enjoyed cold on a hot day. Give it the respect of a glass and enjoy. A bit sweet and fruity,…

  • Dinner ale

    Dinner ale

    3/10 Quite a light and fruity pale ale. The brewery were inspired from an old 1884 recipe. They kept it low APV so that it would accompany food easier.  Not my cup of tea.  3.3%

  • Kerel Session IPA

    Kerel Session IPA

    7/10 Probably the best low alcohol beer I’ve ever tried. At only 2.5% this packs in so much flavour! Crackin little session stubby for an afternoon in the garden. Juicy and hoppy. Reality is the most juicy scandal of all time 2.5%

  • Kerel Indian Pale Ale

    Kerel Indian Pale Ale

    9/10 Superb IPA from the Kerel brewery in Belgium. This was really enjoyable whilst sat in the sun. Zesty and hoppy. Lip smacking! You are travelling through time right now 4.5%

  • Scorcher IPA

    Scorcher IPA

    7/10 “Ooooh helloooo” I said as a took my first swig.  What a nice little surprise. The brewery that everyone knows for their lager offers other flavours.  Suppose I should have guessed that they would. Not much of a brewery if they only produce a single brew. But it was a surprise all the same. …

  • Peaky Blinder Pale Ale

    Peaky Blinder Pale Ale

    7/10 Big fan of the TV series and now a big fan of this beer from Sadler’s! Peaky Blinder Pale Ale is a light and refreshing pale ale. A gentle fruit bitterness leads to an uplifting citrus hop finish Sadler’s have been brewing in the black country since 1861 4.3%

  • Repeater


    7/10 Fantastic session IPA. The sun is out and this fruity smooth beer defo gets you in the mood for a sesh. Well hopped can of joy 4.2%