Category: Pale Ale and IPA

  • Yardbird


    7/10 Yep. Get in! 4%

  • Double Punk

    9/10 Brewdog Double Punk – Amplified Double IPA 👊 “The beer that started it all. Amplified.” This is a brilliant beer: big punchy hops! Bit of haze to it, and, strooong! At 8.2% this is a bit of a treat beer. Not one for a session with the lads, this is one for enjoying at…

  • The Fabulist

    The Fabulist

    8/10 Hazy IPA. Cracking beer! 6.2%

  • Instamatic


    An IPA from Brewdog! What’s not to love? Well, maybe the price, but that aside, this is a fab beer. Wallop! 8/10

  • Chiron


    7/10 Great beer from Thornbridge brewery. 5%

  • Soundwave


    8/10 This is a great IPA. Quite dry and bitter but still has a full body. I’ve had a few top results with Siren Craft Brew now. I will make a note to hunt down more of their beers. 5.6%

  • Hoptical Illusion

    Hoptical Illusion

    4/10 East coast IPA. Very fruity with powerful hops.  A bit too sweet for me. But hunt it down if you like that sort of thing! 7%

  • Huckaback Neipa

    Huckaback Neipa

    8/10 Very pleasant change to the norm. A very hazy and super fruity hoppy ale. Huckaback is a refreshing beer from Salt Beer Factory. Unfiltered to keep the natural haze, I really enjoyed this. 5.5%

  • Mr President – Defiant Double IPA (Brewdog)

    Mr President – Defiant Double IPA (Brewdog)

    9/10 Now this will knock your socks off! Here’s your 9.2% beer Mr President..! Big flavours have been packed into Mr President starting with mouthwatering fruits and bitter hops combined with chewy toffee notes and a hint of pine. Brewdog say it best… An all American gung-ho of a beer.  This is the Defcon 1…

  • Fine Line (Jennings)

    Fine Line (Jennings)

    7/10 A very hoppy and fruity pale ale from the Lake District. Jennings brewery have some crackin beers on offer and I’d recommend trying them if you get chance. Nice, easy going beers. Fine Line is dedicated to the pencil, which was invented after the discovery of graphite in the Lake District in the 1500s.…