Category: Brown & Amber Ale

  • Sayzon


    6/10 An unusual Belgian style beer that’s apparently brewed in collaboration with Melissa Cole. I’ve read a few of her books and they’re really good, they’re like 3 stories in 1 all with the same people. What a creative mind! Sayzon is a hazy wheat beer rather than a thick, murky dark Belgian. It has…

  • Star


    7/10 Star (not the lager!) is brewed in the Portobello Brewery, London. It’s a very smooth amber ale. I really enjoyed this one! Hints of roasted malt and coffee, floral berry and fruity late hop 4.3%

  • Gloucester Gold

    Gloucester Gold

    7/10 A satisfying golden ale from Gloucester Brewery. This one has a hint of tropical fruits to it which makes it more refreshing for warm days. Quite light alcohol content too so it makes a great afternoon or dinner drink. 3.9%

  • Seasons Dictate

    Seasons Dictate

    8/10 What a brilliant surprise! This is a limited availability beer brewed in collaboration with Good Things Brewing Co and Beer Bods (Beer Hawk) Beer Hawk have supplied me with loads of new and unique craft beers over the years, their beer subscription is well worth it 😉 and I must tip my hat to…

  • The Ordinary Bitter

    The Ordinary Bitter

    6/10 A traditional British bitter that’s been updated with American hops by Anspach & Hobday in London. Perfectly balanced between malt sweetness and hop bitterness 3.7%

  • Nanny State

    Nanny State

    6/10 Ok so this is alcohol free. Chocolate tea pot? Glass hammer? Well if you’re driving (sucker) and are sick of fizzy pop then this is your saviour.  It’s one of two alcohol free beers that I would recommend. Reason = it still tastes like a decent beer. (The other is Erdinger if you’re interested)…

  • Lazy Boy

    Lazy Boy

    7/10 If it’s sunny outside and you don’t want a lager then reach for this! Lazy Boy is a collaboration ale between Tiny Rebel brewery and Flavourly (craft beer subscription service). They want Lazy Boy to be a liquid version of jumping onna hammock, lying; n your back and letting the sun warm your face.…

  • Emergency chairs

    Emergency chairs

    8/10 I really liked this lower APV beer by Mikkeller brewery. It’s a “hazy table beer” and with a name like “emergency chairs” I assume they’re giving us a decent beer to have with your next big family meal. Great idea! Well, it went well with my spag bol!! 🍺😋

  • A-hop-alypse Now

    A-hop-alypse Now

    8/10 Great film, great beer. This is a hoppy, golden ale with a bitter finish. Brewed by Cameron’s. “I love the smell of hops in the morning” 4.3%

  • The Governor

    The Governor

    8/10 Great pint! I enjoyed this and will look out for it again. It was created by Marco Pierre White and JW Lees brewery head brewer, Michael Lees-Jones. The Governor is brewed for food It’s a moorish Amber ale with plenty of malts. The finish is quite refreshing! 4.1%