I love beer. But not in the way you’re probably thinking… I’m more about quality than quantity – I’d much rather sit down with a few strong Belgian beers than an 8-pack of lager.

But it hasn’t always been this way…

Back in the day, my local pub mostly stocked a “choice” of Fosters, Carling, Carlsberg, Stella, Kronenbourg etc… to be honest, they all tasted the same to me. That’s what everyone drank and so lager was the status quo for years.

In 2008 I visited Belgium (my mecca) and it completely changed my beer tastes and views. I spent a week travelling to Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges and had my eyes opened: I visited tiny pubs that had a beer menu thicker than the Bible; drank beer which was brewed by Monks (and had been for 100’s of years!) and experienced a beer culture different to everything that I was used to back home.

I realised that beer could be more than just alcohol; it was something that could be enjoyed, reviewed and appreciated at a leisurely pace.

But there is so much choice out there! Especially in recent years with all the craft beers being launched all over the place. The chance of getting a bad pint or missing out on a great pint was too great for me. So I started making notes on the beers that I was drinking… and the rest is history.

MyBeerNotes.com (MBN) is where I record my beer notes. They are pretty short, first thoughts really (I’d sooner make a quick note and get on with my drink). There are plenty of other great beer review sites out there that go into tonnes more detail than you’ll find here. But if you just want a quick bit of advice when stood in front of a new bar or at the supermarket beer shelf then MBN is for you.

Occasionally, I’ll also write about my beer travels to different countries, breweries and beer festivals.

Also feel free to get in touch and suggest an event or a new beer. Cheers!

My Beer Notes