Keller lager (Braybrooke)


When the sun’s out it’s important that you remember to drink lager instead of ale. Lager should be kept in the fridge for longer (2 hours) as compared to ale (45mins), so it will always be colder and more refreshing in the heat ☀️

That said, the coldness also masks the taste, so don’t leave it in too long (unless you’re drinking Fosters or Carlsberg in which case you probably want to mask the taste!)

Braybrooke’s Keller Lager is a tasty lager, so get your fridge time right in order to appreciate it properly.

Unfiltered and unpasteurised to lock in the flavours, this lager has a complex body which is refreshing yet malty. A great thirst quencher!

Braybrooke call this this “kellerbier” meaning “cellar beer”. They’ve even teamed up with a German brewery to make sure they’re doing it right and using the best ingredients. Round of applause for them because theres obvious passion to get the product right. Many breweries would t have gone that far 👏👏




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