Born To Die


Imagine knowing how long you have left to live…. this savage IPA was born to die! It’s a kickass celebration of the power of hops. 

… The side of the can sounds so great I could write it all or print it on a T-shirt!

I was bought a few of these rare cans by my wife. Yes, she’s a keeper. Born To Die is brewed by BrewDog and is their “big one”! ☝️ 

Terminally hoppy IPA

It’s a great beer. Strong, dark, dry, bitter and hoppy.  All the best facets of a crackin beer! 🍺 

They say you should drink it as soon as you get it as it has a short shelf life. Or maybe that’s just an excuse. Either way I’m looking forward to the next can…

“If our existence truely is bit a crack of light between two intensities of darkness, you should spend it drinking beer as awesome as this.”





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