Innis & Gunn IPA


I’ve loved the Innis & Gunn brewery ever since trying their “Original” 10 years ago. They always produce fantastic craft beers and are always trying new flavours.

This Indian Pale Ale is a limited edition. My lovely wife bought it me for Christmas and I’ve been saving it. Well today everyone’s out and I’ve spent the last 2 hours sorting our little garden out before autumn kicks in.

Sat on the garden bench admiring my handy work… now is the time!

Danger, this is moreish

IPA should be hoppy, which this is, but they’ve added a little twist and used Mandarina hops that give the beer a slightly sweet orange/lychee flavour. There is still a good amount of bitterness to balance it out and it’s lovely and malty too.

Refreshing yet moreish. Now how can I buy another??!




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