Rheinbacher Weissbier


Premium German wheat beer. This is brewed with a traditional recipe of top fermentation.

Brewer in accordance with The German Purity Law. 

It’s a cloudy beer with a distinct aroma. I get a hint of orange and banana and it has quite a large, lazy bubbly head.

Brewed by Brauhaus Rheinbach in Germany. This is available for around £1.20 in Aldi UK. That is amazing value for a 500ml bottle of this quality.

It’s a refreshing beer and if you’re new to wheat beers then this is a good place to start. Rheinbacher is a bit simpler than the likes of Erdinger and Hoegarden and if you don’t like it you’ve not wasted much money.

Good stuff!!


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2 responses to “Rheinbacher Weissbier”

  1. Stephen Calvert Avatar
    Stephen Calvert

    Comparing it to Hoegarden is ridiculous.


    1. Adam Palmer Avatar
      Adam Palmer

      Comparing a wheat beer to another wheat beer “is ridiculous”? Please explain.


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